When is the next EP coming out?

Because I am such a famous musician, I have been swimming in fan mail (which, I assure you, will all eventually be answered). 

Other than the death threats that I have received, I've noticed a common theme throughout all of these letters: when is your next EP coming out? You know, the one that you announced that you were working on ages ago. 

It's funny though. I really only posted that Facebook status in early March - just under a month ago. This is far from "ages ago". So fans, I would like to tell you to chill the fuck out. I promise you that I have been steadily working on a few tracks that sound nothing like each other. I am sure you will enjoy at least one of them. It's funny, actually: before starting this EP, I remembered one reviewer blasting Hole In My Sock for being all over the place, stylistically-speaking. At first, I wanted to take this criticism to heart. I won't lie: I cried for a week straight, recited this review to myself every night to try to see some good in it, and sort of wanted to die. Not that I was suicidal or anything, but I just didn't want to be alive anymore. So, Mr. Fiennes, I hope you are happy to know that you broke my heart and made me want to die. Thank you.

Even though I tried my very best to stick to one style, I couldn't. Maybe this is a part of me. Maybe I'm just the musician version of late, past-its-prime Entourage, when it couldn't decide if it wanted to be a comedy or a drama. 

As for the EP title, I have no idea. It is my belief that the title will come to me one day in a dream. I have had some very vivid dreams of late, which have featured torture, the Devil, ghosts, and Ellen DeGeneres. Soon a title will come.

So have I answered your question? Do you now know when the next EP is coming out? Perhaps you do, or perhaps you don't. Just know that whenever the EP comes out, your minds and ears will be blown hard.